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I’m a freelance fashion designer who specialises in print designs and combining fabrics. My designs have been sold all over Europe and the USA and I have worked with some of the biggest designers in the industry.


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  • Here’s some Fluffiness! ☁️This image is called ‘Nimbus II’ and forms part of my #cloudscapeseries. Find the whole series through the link in my bio. 👆🏻Have a great Sunday all!
  • A silent moment at Kinderdijk. This place can be so magical, especially in the morning. 😍#shotoniphone.
  • Another typical Dutch shot. 📷 This image is called ‘8465 mm’, from my Dutch Mountains series. Yes, we do have mountains in the Netherlands! Check out the link in my bio for more 👉🏻🗻#dutchmountains
  • Summer...💙 #shotoniphone
  • Licht land en lucht. Drie van mijn favoriete elementen die kenmerkend zijn voor mijn fotografie. Dat verklaard meteen waarom ik zo gek ben op zeeland! 
Afgelopen weekend gingen we op ontdekkingstocht met @vvvzeeland en, ze lieten ons de mooie plekken zien bij Goes. Check hun stories voor meer inspiratie! #fanvanzeeland #welkomteruginnl
  • Good morning! Time for some zen at the beach in Ouddorp. 🌊 #welkomteruginnl
  • Ik heb veel gereisd, maar eigenlijk hoef je niet ver te zoeken om mooie landschappen te ontdekken. Dit is een van mijn favoriete plekken in Nederland waar je de stilte kunt ervaren: het Drenkelingenhuisje op Vlieland. Als ambassadeur van deel ik graag inspirerende plekken met jullie, want echt, Nederland heeft ook zoveel veel moois te bieden! Kijk maar: #welkomteruginnl #vlieland
  • I am very excited to announce my ‘Silence for the Oceans’ series is finished! With this series, I would like to draw attention and bring awareness to the fact that we do have a choice when it comes to contributing to a cleaner world. It is good that brands like @bmwnederland are helping us to make that choice an easy one. It is fascinating to see that they are taking responsibility by not only creating an innovating product made of recycled plastic waste, but also one that gives us a unique electric driving experience.

If you would like to stare at these views for longer, then I am glad to inform you that I have created a series of free wallpapers too, for both smartphone and desktop. Check out my stories, or click on the link in my bio to download. Enjoy!

#silencefortheoceans #bmwi3fortheoceans #ontheroad #bornelectric #bmwi3 #spon
  • While on the road, I have enjoyed seeing deserted dunes, silent beaches and photogenic sunsets. If there is one thing I love about the BMW i3, then it would be its smooth design of the exterior as well as its interior. In this perfect light, the design acted as the ideal subject for my Silence for the Oceans series. 
Within my travels, I have driven in many different cars, both hybrid and fuel engined vehicles. But without hesitation, I think that 100% electric cars are the future. It gives so much comfort when driving. If you would like to experience this BMW i3 for yourself, then check out the link in my bio for a test drive. If you choose to do so, you would know what I am talking about. I would love to hear about your experiences! 
#bmwi3fortheoceans #ontheroad #bornelectric #bmwi3
  • One of the comments I received when driving an electric car, is what happens when the battery is empty? The electric range is approximately 300 km, so I have never experienced an empty battery. If needed, there are fast-chargers located everywhere, that wil charge the battery up to 80% in about 30 minutes. While charging, I used my time to clean the car. ;) There are even Eco Pro driving modes, which makes the electric range even longer, depending on your preferences. Your drive is even more sustainable if you use sun and wind power to charge the car! Another significant benefit is the Silence you hear when driving the BMW i3. As soon as I drove off, it felt like the perfect mixture of power with an oasis of calmness since no accelerating engine can be heard, just a breeze of wind. 💨

#bmwi3fortheoceans #ontheroad #bornelectric #bmwi3 #spon
  • As evening approaches, the low hanging sun casts some stunning light onto the beach. One thing I love about this BMW i3 For the Oceans Edition, is its innovative use of natural materials in its stylish interior, such as the olive leaf extract, kenaf fibres and eucalyptus-wood. BMW has even used recycled plastic bottles in the production process. In every aspect, they have focused on tiny details and carefully thought about the most sustainable way to create this car. Now more than ever, we are all looking for new ways to live the most sustainable lifestyle. I am always looking at how I can help the climate by reducing the use of plastic and waste. Since this is still a notable problem throughout the world, I am delighted to know this BMW contributes significantly.

#bmwi3fortheoceans #ontheroad #bornelectric #bmwi3 #spon
  • Here is one of the images that form part of my latest photo series called ‘Silence for the Oceans’ with the BMW i3. Why I created this series? This car is 100% electric, which not only helps to reduce overall air pollution, but will also help to clean up the oceans. How? @bmwnederland has launched this Limited Edition BMW i3, called ‘For The Oceans’ and with every edition sold, they will donate €1000 to an ocean cleanup charity. There are many great benefits from driving fully electric, but with this special edition BMW i3, you will also help contribute to much cleaner oceans. 🌊

I have been driving the BMW i3 along the Dutch coastline to find places of Silence that support my brand new photo series. If you would like to see more of my experiences with this innovating car, then stay tuned for future posts. Also, be sure to follow my stories for a sneak peek from behind the scenes.

#silencefortheoceans #bmwi3fortheoceans #ontheroad #bornelectric #bmwi3 #spon